COVID Risk Assessment 2022

Wedmore Village Hall

  1. Entry to Venue In order to create a one-way system within the venue entry will be through the Fire Door into the Bar/Snug. Covid Guidelines will be displayed outside the entrance on A-Boards.  Stewards will check tickets on the door to the Snug.   Holders of e-tickets will have been logged as part of the online booking process.  Holders of paper tickets will however need to be encouraged to use the Track and Trace QR code on display in the Snug – or to write their contact details on a form provided.  Once past ticket checks hand sanitisers will be available for use before entering the Main Hall.
  2. Bar Service For certain events (Mrs Christie and Peter Rabbit 2) the Bar will be open in the Bar Snug area. Drinks and snacks may be purchased before entering the Main Hall.
  3. Entry to Main Hall Stewards will guide all ticketholders from the Snug area into the Main Hall. This passageway is narrow and must only be used for entry into the Main Hall.  Anyone who wishes to return to the Snug area should leave by the Main Entrance and walk around to the Snug entrance and re-enter the building that way.
  4. Exiting the Main Hall The Main Entrance will be signed to indicate that it is to be used as the exit the Main Hall.
  5. Events with an Interval The Audience will be encouraged to stay in their seats if at all possible. The Bar can be accessed by exiting through the main Entrance and entering the Snug/Bar area on the one way system.  Access to the Toilets will be through the side doors in the Main Hall.
  6. Exiting the Village Hall after the event has concluded. All doors will be opened and the Audience can be guided to alternative doors as well as the Main Entrance to help reduce the possibility of a crowd forming in the doorway.
  7. Events in the Small Hall There is only a short time gap between the end of the Children’s Film and the start of the Tara Arkle event. It is suggested that the audience uses the same entrance through the Snug/Bar and is held there until the previous event audience has fully exited the building.  The Main Hall needs to be checked by Stewards for glasses and any debris before the audience for the next event moves through to the Small Hall…  (It should be noted that during this Poetry event Amy Lloyd Jones will be preparing for the Puppet Show in the Main Hall)
  8. Ventilation A high volume air extraction fan system recently installed will be in use during each performance in the Main Hall. This will require all windows to be open to allow a flow of fresh air to enter the building.  There are separate arrangements for the Small Hall.
  9. Toilets Hand sanitisers will be available in the Toilet area throughout the event.  Surfaces to be wiped over before and after each event.  Conditions to be monitored by the Room Stewards.

St Mary’s Church, Wedmore

  1. Entry to the Church The main entry will be through the South Door with tickets checked in the Porch. Again, contact details will need to be collected from paper ticket holders by encouraging use of the QR code or to put details onto a paper log near the entrance. Hand sanitisers will be available on table in the Porch.  Entry can be through the Main Door or via the Bar in the side chapel through the small door.
  2. Seating the Audience Stewards will guide the audience to their seats and to highlight the route to the toilets and to the Bar area.
  3. The Interval As in past years Drinks Pre-Orders will be taken and paid for as the Audience enters the Church. Tables in the Porch will be the collection point for these orders during the Interval – this helps to reduce the drinks queue.  Entry to the Bar area during the Interval will be from the Nave into the side Chapel and exit through small door into the Porch area.  The Bar team will be very busy so it would be helpful if a Room Stewards could direct people from the Nave into the Side Chapel if they wish to enter the Bar.
  4. Exiting the Church At the conclusion of the Concert both the South and North doors will be opened to allow the audience to disperse. Glasses, bottles and other litter to be left on tables by each door.
  5. Ventilation Depending om weather conditions the main doors will be kept open as long as possible to allow fresh air to enter the building.
  6. Toilets The purpose-built toilets will be in use for use as Ladies toilet. A Portaloo will be available for men.  Stewards will check periodically that surfaces are wiped and  that hand sanitisers are available for use.
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